Web Design and Development

I am have 2 years experience with front end web design, and I have mastered programs such as Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Fireworks, allowing me to quickly produce beautiful modern designs that are built for use on the web. I have a limited knowledge of HTML, CSS, and Javascript, so for smaller, simpler projects I may be able to develop your site as well. Please contact me for more information.

Photo Manipulation

I have several years of professional experience using Adobe Photoshop to clean up photos, and am experienced at doing full retouches as well.


Icon Design and Vector Illustration

There is nothing I love more than using Adobe Illustrator to create detailed vector graphics, and I have experience creating everything from huge printed posters to tiny website icons. With so many hours of practice under my belt, I feel confident that I can create an icon or illustration of anything you can dream up.

Game Art Design

Designing graphics for casual games has been an interest of mine for years. I am able to use Adobe Flash along with Illustrator to create animated vector illustrations for use in games. For an example of my work check out Cupcake vs Kitty.

Graphics for Print and Web Media

Another service I offer is general graphic design, for print and web. I have experience creating eyecatching web banners, printed packaging, as well as business cards and custom stationary. For print Design, I can work with a printer to create stunning prints that include special metallic inks, spot gloss, and die-cutting among other special effects.

Wanna work with me?